HighLand Financail Service

Known as “HLFS” – – to provide the most tailored mortgage and risk advice and solutions

The power of your financial solutions!
to be the leading Financial Service brand in New Zeala
to make New Zealanders’ dream come true
We are the mortgage service partner of
In addition, we are THE member of HighLand Investment Group – Known as “HLIG”
Introducing HighLand Investment Group as a whole
  • We have been the major players in the NZ property market for more than a decade...
  • We are specialised in…
    • Development,
    • Construction,
    • Design & Consultation,
    • Mortgage & Risk Advisory Service
  • We have been the major projects founder and runner, including,
    • Section & House project(s) in Kyle Road, Greenhite...
    • Section & House project(s) in Gills Road, Albany Heights...
    • Section & House project(s) in Fairview Ave, Fairview Height...
    • Terrace House project(s) in McClymonts Road, Pinehill...
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